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10 / June / 2018

Recently launched to the market the patented Pop Up Penetration™ system, exclusively distributed by Lysaght, has been created to provide a highly efficient, aesthetically pleasing and extremely cost-effective solution for the flashing of roof penetrations on long run roofing projects.

Unlike traditional dry pan flashing where water is redirected to adjacent pans and can exceed roof sheet pan capacity, the Pop Up Penetration™ system system features an optimised flashing design that has been engineered to ensure water is evenly redistributed in front of roof penetrations for maximum water carrying capacity and run-off efficiency.

As such, the clever Pop Up Penetration™ system easily accommodates multiple roof penetrations by ensuring each penetration redirects its own water correctly and doesn’t affect the overall roof run performance. And while efficiency is dramatically increased, costs are impressively reduced with the new Pop Up Penetration™ system, as it delivers labour savings of up to 50 per cent and greater material efficiency through reduced requirement for flashing.

“The Pop Up Penetration™ system was designed by professional roofers who know that reducing time on site and increasing ease of installation is critical, so these were core considerations in the design,” said Matt Lloyde, Lysaght’s National Manager Innovation and Marketing.

“The system comes in five modular kit sizes that accommodate penetrations from 100mm up to 3300mm, with up to 650mm of variation in each kit. This allows for easier placement of penetrations on site and accommodates numerous roofing profiles,” Matt explained. “This convenient kit form lets you install as you are roofing, or utilise existing roof sheeting in retrofit applications, and provides significant savings through reduced deliveries, labour and material handling on site and also saves on component costs, compared to dry pan flashing.”

Quality is also another standout feature of the Pop Up Penetration™ system, which has been rigorously tested and is available in a range of finishes and colours to suit any roof and architecture. Manufactured using genuine COLORBOND® steel COLORBOND® Ultra steel, COLORBOND® Metallic steel, COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel, ZINCALUME® steel from BlueScope, the design has been engineered, independently certified and is endorsed by Lysaght for use with its products.

Convenience in working with the Pop Up Penetration™ system is further aided by the new Roof Flow Pro App - a simple to use, free App available for both Apple and Android devices which has been developed to help roofers and designers readily determine the impact of roof penetrations on the rainwater carrying capacity of a roof.