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We believe our communities are our homes and the wellbeing of our employees and customers is paramount.  

The Australian Government has issued a health alert for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and as a precaution, Lysaght is taking considered action to ensure the ongoing safety, health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, suppliers and contractors.

Lysaght has implemented a number of safeguards within our business to minimize both the risk of exposure and any impact of the virus more generally.  Our initiatives include awareness measures and the active promotion and management of a healthy workplace in the specific context of COVID-19 virus.  This also applies to when we are working with our customers in their workplace.  

We also have business continuity plans in place, which will be activated when needed to ensure we respond to and effectively manage any potential impact of the virus on our business and service to our customers. 

Lysaght will continue to monitor this situation through the most up to date medical advice and reports.  In the event that service is affected through the impact of the virus, we will ensure that we work with you to minimise any disruption that may arise.

Helpful information on the virus can be found by reading coronavirus myth busters on the World Health Organization website.

Thank you for your understanding.