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When SmartKits Australia owner, Scott Challen, set up the company in 2013 as a way of smoothing out the peaks and troughs of his primary building business, Queensland Home Improvements, he had little idea that this side project would soon become his flagship enterprise.

But given Scott’s background as a qualified carpenter and his previous experience in the steel industry, including over three years as a Lysaght Home Improvement Sales Manager, it’s little surprise that SmartKits Australia has experienced the growth is has.

SmartKits is now one of the country’s leading home improvements suppliers, offering customers comprehensive kits for a large range of outdoor structures including patios, pergolas, carports, flyover roofs, decks, insulated roofing and more.

Further adding to SmartKits’ appeal is the fact that they’re 100 per cent customisable to meet buyers’ exact requirements; another clincher is the detailed forethought that goes into developing the kits, making them easier to install.

“SmartKits offer a complete DIY solution, we’ve developed them with the end user in mind; we’ve asked the question, ‘if I was sending one of my Building Teams out to install this, what would they need?’,” Scott said.

“The end result is added convenience with no trips to the hardware store to get extra materials. We can also offer accessories such as lights, fans and screens as part of a kit, for a complete solution.”

According to Scott, Lysaght steel building products feature prominently in each kit.

“LYSAGHT® products make up the backbone of the kits – I’ve had a 16-year relationship with Lysaght, I know the product well and it’s second to none,” he said.

“There’s also no comparison when it comes to warranty, Lysaght has always backed its products and been on-point with its aftersales focus.”

According to Scott, SmartKits is passionate about Australian-made products, which makes its partnership with Lysaght even more special.

“Lysaght having reached 100 years of local manufacturing is a fantastic achievement, there’s probably no other Australian industry that has survived as long as the steel industry,” he said.

“It’s important that we protect Australian industries and jobs. You do pay a bit extra on some products but you get additional quality and durability.

“In the case of Lysaght, the materials have been developed to perfection, they’re millimetre perfect and a pleasure to build with.”

Based in Queensland, SmartKits Australia employs 19 people directly and also boasts a network of 15 consolidated centres across Australia, ensuring delivery to most metropolitan areas within 14 working days.

Scott and his team have also invested heavily in the SmartKits website, providing a consumer-friendly platform with comprehensive product information, transparent pricing and easy ordering structure.