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29 / March / 2022
Nestled high in the picturesque Adelaide Hills is the recently redeveloped UKARIA Cultural Centre by Anton Johnson Architect, a multi-purpose function centre that’s full of contrast and juxtaposition.

With views towards Mount Barker, UKARIA is comfortable in its bushland setting, taking cues from the wildflowers, gum trees and earthy hues that surround it, yet at the same time its striking contemporary design provides an abundance of architectural talking points.

Perhaps helping to combine the building’s rustic undertones with its modernity is choice of building products. UKARIA makes use of materials including rammed earth blade walls to frame views, large expanses of glass and plantation timbers.

LYSAGHT® steel building products have also been used throughout the project. Corrugated CUSTOM ORB® cladding shaped from COLORBOND® steel in Ironstone® features prominently on the centre’s raked and sweeping roof, which in places fans upwards to capture the rising views. Additionally, the material has been applied to several walls.

Complementing this selection was a quantity of CUSTOM ORB ACCENT® 21, which is characterised by a deeper corrugated profile that not only helps to create interesting shadow lines, it’s also ideal for low pitched roofs because of its ability to handle high rainfall. LYSAGHT® rainwater goods were also used on the project.

The CUSTOM ORB® shape is synonymous with Australia and the bush – it’s a functional and durable product that in more recent times has been recognised for its aesthetic values, according to Lysaght Business Development and Marketing Manager, Tony Wood.

“CUSTOM ORB® and CUSTOM ORB ACCENT® 21 corrugated profiles have stood the test of time,” Tony said.

“Originally specified for their durability, ease of installation and cost effectiveness, more recently corrugated profiles have been applied to a range of buildings to create architectural impact.

“By using the material for walling or combining a variety of different rib depths, a lot of visual interest with lighting and shadow lines can be created. In the case of UKARIA Cultural Centre, CUSTOM ORB® and CUSTOM ORB ACCENT® 21 cladding not only achieve this, but the materials also do a wonderful job of anchoring what is a contemporary building design to its surrounding landscape.”

Responsible for construction of the project was leading Adelaide company, G-FORCE Building & Consulting, who is a heavy user of Lysaght’s steel building products.

“We use LYSAGHT® products on the majority of our projects, this is due to G-FORCE and DP Roofing working together to select and work with our preferred supplier – we like the LYSAGHT® product due to its quality and reliability,” G-FORCE Senior Project Manager, Alex Faggionato said.

According to Alex, Dale Parker from DP Roofing did an exceptional job installing the CUSTOM ORB® and CUSTOM ORB ACCENT® 21.

“Dale brought to the table his attention to detail and quality workmanship – he is fantastic to work with and a bespoke tradesman to say the least,” Alex said. “The roof of the Garden Terrace section of the building is curved to follow the exposed timber Oregon rafters, the patience and technique to complete this was exceptional.”

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