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The product was changed in 1997. The old LYSAGHT MINI ORB® product was wider, thicker (thus heavier and more expensive) and manufactured from soft steel. The older product was also limited to a maximum length of 3000mm.

The profile is similar to LYSAGHT PANELRIB®. Every fourth rib has been increased in depth to produce the LYSAGHT MULTICLAD® profile. This increases the strength to provide an alternative to fulfil the market requirements.

"LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB®" is the name given to the "corrugated iron" cladding shape made by Lysaght. The name came from the customs stamp on the corrugated iron when it was first imported from England about 150 years ago. The stamp was of the royal "orb" (ball shape on top of the royal staff). The colour reference relates to the type of steel used many years ago. The "blue" was referred to as the soft steel and the "red" referred to the hard or strong steel. The "red" in the name has been dropped over the years.