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Yes, the instructions for installing a LYSAGHT NEETASCREEN® fences for cyclonic areas can be downloaded in our brochure.

LYSAGHT® Fences Cyclonic Area Design and Installation Guide

It is necessary for every rib of LYSAGHT TRIMDEK® to be screw fastened to the support.

We can confidently say that our fences may be used all over Australia, except for the tropical cyclone regions (defined in AS1170.2 - 1989 SAA Loading Code, Part 2: Wind Loads). Installation methods will vary slightly, depending on your wind region, terrain category and soil type.

For cyclonic regions see:
LYSAGHT® Fences - Cyclonic Design and Installation Guide

It is not recommended to unclip LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® 406 once the cladding is installed. Unclipping can damage the clips, cladding or metallic coating on the cladding. It is difficult to assess how LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® 406 will perform after such damage.