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A Breath of fresh air for your roof space

Vent-a-roof Diagram

What is VENT-A-ROOF®

VENT-A-ROOF® is a unique passive ridge ventilation system that promotes the circulation of fresh air through roof spaces, ceiling and building spaces in commercial and light industrial buildings, residential homes and most metal sheds.

How VENT-A-ROOF® works

VENT-A-ROOF® uses the exact same thermal principles as other natural ventilation systems. As the roof space heats, hot air is drawn towards the highest natural point and expelled through the VENT-A-ROOF® integrated louvre and down the pan creating a passive, natural and continuous flow of air.

Simultaneously any positive airflow across the ridge of the roof creates a negative pressure which pulls air out from the ridge vent and brings in fresh air from intake vents in the eves or below. Effectively, two thermal effects create a continuous flow of air allowing cool air into the roof/building space and extracting hot air.

Benefits of VENT-A-ROOF®

  • Improve roof ventilation with continuous airflow, reducing both roof space temperature and energy costs associated with cooling the building
  • Full roof ventilation possible with both ridge and hip vents
  • Encourages high natural air flow - 2.5 metre of VENT-A-ROOF® equivalent to 1 whirlybird in air movement
  • Keep cooler in summer and remove condensation in winter
  • Actively prevents the build-up of mould within the ceiling cavity
  • Australian wind, bushfire and cyclonic region rated
  • Maintenance free with no moving parts or noise
  • Requires no power
  • Available in all COLORBOND® steel colours with 2 common ridge designs, roll-top or 3 break.
  • DTC solution for 2019 NCC Condensation management and Roof ventilation requirements


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Suitable for:

  • Lysaght Custom Orb®
  • Lysaght Trimdek®
  • Lysaght Kliplok 700®



A breath of fresh air for your roof space.

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